Artist Bio

Artist Bio – Xavier Radić – Queer Artist – Mar 2019

Xavier has been involved in photography for more than 50 years, has developed and written modules for a Tertiary Course in Black and White analogue photography (main medium), currently teaching elements from this course adapted for Digital Photography and Design applications at community art centres and adult community education programmes.  Currently involved in Photographic research of the Gaze and the Pose, in Queer contemporary and historical photography and has delivered papers on this at conferences and tertiary lectures. Finalist for 2006 Norsewear Art Award and exhibited through Morgan Street Gallery (now closed), Auckland and has also shown artwork in Amsterdam and Strasbourg. Xavier has developed and curated many Art Exhibitions in New Zealand. Selected and exhibited in New York and San Francisco during 2008. Has was selected and invited, to exhibit in Zagreb and also at the Florence Biennale, in 2009. He is currently developing and curating an exhibition by an Art Collective of New Zealand Queer Professional Artists, to tour internationally and nationally in the future. Recently exhibited in New York (Jun/Jul 2010) and selected again for Florence Biennale 2011 (through this selection, able to participate in any future Florence Biennale), and in London (Nov/Dec 2010). Work in permanent museum collection and art gallery in New York (Aug 2011). Invited to have my postgraduate queer research published in Germany (Oct 2011), now published (Dec 2011). Created a series of photographic workshops for Auckland, Waikato & Wellington* Districts (*Nov 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2016), Christchurch & Nelson in 2014. Jan 2012, invited by Florence Biennale to exhibit in Mexico. Dec 2012, asked by the Snr Curator at Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam for copy of my research with artwork to follow. Running Photography Workshops throughout NZ during 2016, to raise funds for Syrian Refugee Children through UNICEF. Jul 2016, artwork delivered in person to Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, for head curator. Mar 2017, invited by UCSF (Uni Cal SF) to donate artwork for Aids Charity auction. Mar 2017+ Life modelling in Otago.