Workshops Around New Zealand 2022 and beyond, with Xavier Radić.

A nationwide series of  Photography Workshops (please consider making a donation to UNICEF, NZ – ), will be considered for 2022+ and beyond.  

Donations through UNICEF, NZ.


Photography Workshops –  Put a group together and enquire for 2022/23+ and beyond.  

Workshops: Meet at a different locations outdoors around New Zealand. 

Start 10am to 3.30pm’ish (lunch break midday to 1pm). Breaks with Tea/Coffee provided. Emailed handouts provided afterwards. Come and enjoy upskilling your own Photography. Whether a new camera or just enjoy taking pictures outdoors. Something for everyone.  Workshop fees are $40 per person* ($20 for children) paid on the day – instead of  $120pp.  

Please consider making a donation to Unicef, NZ.

General photography workshops with Xavier Radić are offered, each in different areas outdoors around New Zealand. Looking at many aspects of photography and how you can improve your own images, such as: Camera Settings, Macro/Close-up, Focus and Composition, but to mention but some. Use these workshops to improve your own photography, knowledge of your camera and how to see.

Workshops will run, 10.00am to 3.30pm (including 1 hour for lunch). Workshops are suitable for all ages, and including children aged 7 to 11* (* must be accompanied by an adult). First half of each workshop is looking at the technical stuff with your camera and the second half taking photos with group and individual challenges. Workshops happen in all weathers. Please dress accordingly with suitable footwear.

Workshop Dates/Locations:

WILL BE ADVERTISED: On ‘TradeMe‘, ‘Artium Elegantium Studium‘ & on ‘EventFinda‘, websites in due course.

What to Bring: Camera (any), spare battery, empty camera card, something to sit on (cushion or seat), tripod (if you have one), lunch & drink (cup/mug), dress warm (for weather conditions) and wear sensible footwear, raincoat (a plastic poncho from a $2 shop), sun hat.  

Normal Workshop Fees: (per person) $120 Adults & $45 children*/students (*7 yo to 11 yo).

For queries: please email: Xavier Radić (

FREE  Handouts, supplied electronically after all workshops.